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Finally, after the pent-up frustrations of lockdown, we have some very good news to report:

Firstly, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has announced a substantial boost for the housing market with the raising of the SDLT (Stamp Duty) threshold from £125,000 to £500,000. This really is quite incredible and will save buyers up to £15,000 (£10,000 for first time buyers who already enjoy a discounted SDLT rate).

If the idea is to kick start house sales, then this is certain to do the trick. There are plenty of buyers around, enjoying low interest rates too, but stock is woefully low, with 15% fewer properties available than this time last year. This boost will encourage people thinking about moving to do so immediately, as the concession expires in March 2021.


Our vendors were delighted with the sale of their home for OVER THE ASKING PRICE!

Six viewings, lots of interest and we achieved 104% of the asking price. Trust Lock & Key to help you achieve more!

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“Deciding On Price” (Part One)

Hi all, let’s start talking about property aagin, and here’s one for starters. Whatever anyone might say about location, condition, proximity to schools, size, etc, it is the price at which a property is initially marketed that is the key to a successful sale.

But emotions often cloud good judgement. The chance to secure a high price can prompt sellers to quote too much, and the house then misses the early buyer activity that is most likely to produce a sale. Quote too little and the resulting immediate sale can fuel resentment as you might feel you could have sold for more.



Please please please don’t just take our word for it. Look at this lovely testimonial from Martin and Jo Small in Melksham who were stuck in a rut with another estate agent and now successfully sold their home through Lock & Key.

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In today’s property market, there are many different options for any homeowner in how to sell your home or who to sell it with. If you are thinking of selling your property in Melksham, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Lock & Key to sell your home and, in this blog, we have listed 5 key reasons just for you!

We understand that in this fast-paced life we may lead, you may not have time to read pages and pages of content from us. That’s why this short blog is perfect for you and hopefully you will consider us to sell your home in the near future or at a date further down the line.

Let’s get started…

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The housing market has been an obvious casualty of the Coronavirus lockdown. Yet the desire to move is strong, once the decision has been made. Indeed, as soon as the government announced that people could once again move house, Rightmove buyer enquiries doubled within 24 hours. They were even 4% higher than the same day last year!

The problem is that this demand is not being matched by properties coming to market in this area. Estate Agents have generally not been able to list properties over the past month and the tight social distancing regime continues to be a challenge.

However, we have been amazed at how flexible and innovative local homeowners have been. Many, keen to prepare for the deluge, have provided us with some very clear and often entertaining virtual walk-throughs which have given us a pretty good indication of the type of property we’ll be preparing to market.

Dear All

We are supporting the safety of the community. At Lock & Key we are here, getting ready to open, being prepared and staying safe. 

Following last night's announcement, many of you will be returning to your workplace.

Although we have been preparing for this for some time, it is important to continue to follow this Six-Point Guide we have prepared for you as well as Government advice and the measures we have put in place to re-open.


Respecting Lockdown, Respecting Lives

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What a difference a month can make! Our March Market Comment was very positive and full of the joys of spring. Indeed, the Halifax subsequently reported that house prices were 2.1% higher at the end of March than they had been at the end of December 2019. The “Boris Bounce” was very much in evidence, but who’d have thought that Boris would now be fighting for his life in intensive care, along with thousands of others, due to the pandemic.

As for the property market, this has, for the time being, been put on hold. The government has strongly discouraged moving and mortgage lenders are tightening their belts too, with a deposit requirement of over 40% becoming widespread. According to Zoopla, in the next three months, we can expect a fall of at least 60% in the number of housing transactions.

Sunday 22nd March marks Mother's Day in the UK. A survey by GlobalData estimated £1.6 billion was spent celebrating this day in 2019, that's the equivalent to just over 6,800 average-priced homes.

At current prices, £1.6 billion purchases over 8,400 terraced or 4,400 detached properties. In London, this would purchase 1,723 detached houses, or in Wales 14,000 apartments.

Coincidentally, a similar sum, just over £1.6 billion, was collected from the 3% second home levy across England in 2019.

Whether it’s your mum or someone special you'll be celebrating or remembering this Sunday, here's hoping some sunshine adds some warmth to your day during these uncertain times.


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Hi Nigel,

We would like to thank yourself, Julie and Amanda, and everyone at Lock & Key for helping us to successfully sell our home. We were stuck in a rut with another local estate agent, with poor feedback and lack of viewings. 

Our experience with Lock & Key was a positive one from the start. We appreciated the honest approach from the start, so we could sell our home as quickly as possible. Within a matter of days, we had viewings and also accepted an offer within a few weeks. We can see that you and the team are very passionate and committed to finding the right buyer and have been very good at keeping in contact and supplying any feedback or recommendations.

We would without hesitation recommend using Lock & Key to anyone in the local area looking to sell their home.


Martin & Jo Small, Cranesbill Road. 

march sales


Lock and Key independent estate agents are STILL leading the way with sales in March and the latest Rightmove stats show that we have a very healthy 52.9% market share in the local area. If you are thinking of moving, get in touch with Melksham's top selling estate agent 01225 707342 because here at Lock & Key we are successfully selling! Find out more about us and get in touch here >>

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