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Why Hasn’t the Melksham Property Market Crashed?

The UK property market has demonstrated remarkable resilience despite facing significant challenges over the past 18 months. Many analysts in the autumn of 2022 predicted a severe downturn in house prices, driven by economic uncertainty, a cost-of-living crisis, and rising…

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A Melksham Landlord’s Perspective on Recent Trends

Over the past few years, the UK rental market has experienced significant fluctuations, with rents increasing dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. Between 2020 and 2022, demand far exceeded supply, driving rents to unprecedented levels. In the South West for example,…

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Is it a Melksham Buyers’ or Sellers’ Property Market?

Navigating the property market in Melksham? Understanding the current market dynamics is essential whether you're looking to buy a dream home or sell a cherished property. Recent data reveals a fascinating surge in property transactions across the UK, with Melksham…

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