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Does the London Market Affect Melksham?

We can feel out on a limb here in Wiltshire sometimes but we love it. Our sense of community, our wonderful countryside and our lovely market town seem far removed from the city smoke. We know this is a great place to live and word is getting out too, with increasing numbers of buyer enquiries emanating from London.

It is well known that the London market has rocketed in value out of all proportion to the rest of the UK. This is primarily due to high net worth individuals from all over the world chasing fewer available properties. Additionally, the city bonus culture is still very much alive and well, with bricks and mortar remaining a reliably sound investment as an alternative to stocks and shares.

Many of the people who are now selling in London, where the average price in many streets can be several million pounds, are taking advantage of these windfalls and are either relocating to the country for a gentler lifestyle, or buying a second home. The number of commuters from Melksham continues to rise and city workers extend their reach into our wonderful area, although many do now prefer to work from home. With increasing congestion in London it’s little wonder that the Melksham & Wiltshire area has become so popular that house prices here have been identified as being well balanced against local salaries, highlighting the impact of “outside” buyers with money to spend.

So if you are considering selling a home in Melksham and our lovely surrounds, whilst we are no longer able to find you a Russian oligarch to buy your house, do please contact us and we’ll give you our honest opinion of the likelihood of finding a buyer who might just pay top dollar for a property like yours.

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