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Selling an Upmarket Home

It would not be unreasonable to assume that the job of an estate agent is roughly the same irrespective of the type of property. However, the skilled agent should have a comprehensive understanding of the delicacies involved in the sale of a more up-market home.

These clients expect a higher level of quality and professionalism. They have probably sold several times in the past and do not wish to be treated as amateurs, but as discerning and informed individuals who are probably fully au fait with current market conditions.

A rare property will attract a select handful of prospective purchasers. It must not be cheapened or over-exposed in any way. Indeed, many upmarket buyers prefer to buy properties which are offered to them as a privilege, prior to the home becoming commonly available. Good agents will therefore provide such buyers with a highly individual service which tells buyers “off the record” when the right property becomes available and will arrange a preview. This is where long-established well-connected agency knocks spots off some of the “national” brand agencies.

The circumstances of sale can be delicate, with finance also being a sensitive issue. Prestige buyers can take offence if questioned too intensely about their mortgage details. Earnings and loan-to-value ratios become less important in qualifying a buyer but knowing with whom they bank or which solicitor they use can be just as important. Useful Information can also be gained when your agent is able to strike up a good relationship with your buyer’s selling estate agent if they have one.

An agent experienced in the sale and purchase of fine property should easily be able identify the preferences of those who could be described as “old money” as opposed to “new money” and are able to work out the balance between prestige and practicality.

Therefore, when selling a finer property, don’t entrust your sale to just any agent, but one who understands a different sort of sale.

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