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5 Reasons to Sell with Lock & Key

In today’s property market, there are many different options for any homeowner in how to sell your home or who to sell it with. If you are thinking of selling your property in Melksham, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Lock & Key to sell your home and, in this blog, we have listed 5 key reasons just for you!

We understand that in this fast-paced life we may lead, you may not have time to read pages and pages of content from us. That’s why this short blog is perfect for you and hopefully you will consider us to sell your home in the near future or at a date further down the line.

Let’s get started…

1 We take it personally when selling your home

When it comes to selling with Lock & Key, you have got a passionate team behind you to help you get the best possible price but also, you have a team that cares! We like to get to know our clients and build a relationship because we are working for you. The process of buying and selling is never always plain sailing but with our experience and the relationships we build, we will celebrate the wins and see you through the tough times too.

2 We are the leading agent for selling property in Melksham

For the past ten years, Lock & Key have sold more properties than any other agent and we are proud to be the leading agent in Melksham for selling property. We work hard to ensure that we maintain this excellent achievement year on year and strive to always look at ways of improving the service we provide our clients. Selling your property is not just another statistic for us. It’s another success story that we shout about from the roof tops.

3 We know the local area extremely well

We are a local estate agent, selling property for local people. We know the local area like the back of our hands, literally! We know the local property market. We know how to market your home and find a buyer too. Our local knowledge helps buyers from out of area who are moving into Melksham by sharing our experience and showing them the many reasons why they should buy here.

4 A five-star service but don’t take our word for it

We love selling property, but we love it even more when we see how grateful our clients are for the service, we have provided them. It is lovely when a happy client leaves a nice review or drops in the office to bring us a thank you card and wine or chocolates. This appreciation goes a long way, and long may this continue.

5 We use a multi-channel approach to sell your property

Selling your property is not about listing it on a popular property portal and then waiting for a buyer to come along. We do far more than that and have invested in a number of different marketing channels to help us find you the perfect buyer. Our main strength is our proactive team, and this is so very simple, we pick up the phone and talk to people.  Supporting this we advertise your home to a wider audience and display your home in our London office in Mayfair. We also use a number of different social media channels to help us reach more people because ultimately, we want to shout from your rooftop at every opportunity.

So, there we have it, 5 excellent reasons why you should consider selling your property in Melksham with Lock & Key. If you need some more, please do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us by calling the office on 01225 707 342 or drop us a message through the website.

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