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Be secure when moving

For most people, moving house is a positive experience, although there are of course stresses involved. Our job is to reduce that stress as far as possible.

One aspect of moving that is often underestimated is the need to be vigilant over security. Competent estate agents are trained to qualify and vet prospective purchasers, avoid unsuitable unaccompanied viewings, and ensure that transactions do not fall foul of our strict Anti-Money-Laundering regulations.

However, there are other, less-obvious, aspects of the moving process that require attention as well. For example, recent research has shown that around 24% of homemovers leave themselves open to some form of identity theft when they move, simply by failing to redirect their post promptly. Indeed, almost half of all identity theft cases involve a previous address, and 70% of new occupants receive mail addressed to a past occupant. This often includes sensitive personal information which can be used by a fraudster to obtain credit in your name.

Here are a few pointers to help reduce the risk of identity theft:

  • Redirect your post as soon as you exchange contracts, to start a few days before you actually move.
  • Inform your bank, credit cards, DVLA, Tax office, Passport office, pension provider, employer, etc. that you are moving. You can manage this easily online at
  • Shred all personal correspondence before you bin it.
  • Register your old address with the Mailing Preference Service to stop junk mail in your name.
  • Periodically check with a credit register such as Experian or Noddle that no-one has applied for credit using your name.

If there is any way in which we can help you with your whole move not just your sale, then please do contact us. We’re here to help and we love what we do!

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