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Competing in Melksham’s Property Market

When buyers have choice, this can make them indecisive and prompts them to be selective and cautious before settling on the “right” property.

If you are selling, this puts a huge onus on you to ensure that your property absolutely shines in relation to other properties that are competing for your buyers’ attentions and, ideally, affections. However, this is not the time to listen to the fawning estate agent who suggests a massively inflated asking price, in order to secure your “valued instruction”. Having said that, we are seeing some impressive figures being achieved, although this is always relative.

For example, if your property is going to look good next to the others that are available, the price not only has to be correct – it has to be attractive. Imagine a £10 note. It is worth £10 – but could you actually sell it for £10? Probably not, but at £9 you would have so many people fighting over it that its value would actually rise! In the same way, we find that well-priced properties attract more buyers, which in turn pushes the price up to the achievable and acceptable figures our clients of our set out!

Likewise, if your property is slightly better than others on the market, don’t offset this by quoting a slightly higher price than theirs! In other words, make your property the best in the market when compared to others at the same price, and the best-priced property when compared to others of the same size/location/condition. If yours shines, you can expect an excellent sale price and a faster sale.

Finally, listen to your agent’s advice. Our clients do, as we have a good handle on buyers’ immediate requirements, how the buyer perceives value and, importantly, vital buyer information as to what else they have seen and how it compares with yours. Why not let us help you use this to your advantage? Do call us on 01225 707342 for an informed opinion of what your property might be worth in today’s market. It’s what we do!

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