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Entrance Hall

We all know about the importance of first impressions. Yet it is surprising how few people take a proactive approach to doing a few things that will really impress a buyer before they even walk through the door.

Once the buyer realises that the property is well cared for, especially in such apparently minor details as well-clipped hedges and verges, clean windows and tidy paths, they are far more likely to be receptive to the property overall, as they seek to find ways of visualising their new home.

For example, your entrance hall helps define the quality of your property when people enter. It serves as the transition from outdoors to indoors and can leave an indelible impression in the mind of a potential buyer. It is also the last thing the buyer sees – and a good last impression can be as important as a good first one!

If the entrance is in any way uncared for or shabby, then no matter how well appointed the rest of the home, ‘shabby’ is what will be imprinted on the buyer’s mind.

A good entrance can be highlighted by having flooring that varies from the rest of the house such as ceramic, marble, granite, or creative linoleum tiling. Bare or painted floorboards or wood-strip flooring can look good but can also look out of place and sometimes be noisy. Carpets in hallways are the first to get dirty, but runners can look good and add a feeling of space.

A hall mirror can have the effect of widening the hall, also adding to a feeling of space, whilst good lighting can also add great charm to a property, especially when used to focus on pictures and other points of interest in your hall. Expensive light fittings can also raise the entire calibre of the property and shout quality.

When it comes to first impressions, your entrance hall can never be too welcoming!

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