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How Much Value Does A Bathroom Add To Your Home When Selling?

While there is a lot of focus about buying and selling property quickly to meet the stamp duty holiday deadline, this isn’t the case for everyone. There are many homeowners who are intent to play the long game when it comes to selling their house.

If you are content to stay in your current home for some time, you might want to consider making improvements around the home. Doing so will help you enjoy the house and get more benefit in the short-term. However, there are also long-term benefits too.

If you can make your home more appealing to likely buyers, and leave them happy to make a higher offer on your home, you can feel content about your changes.

There is a wide array of options to choose from when improving your home, but there is no denying the impact of improving your bathroom. If you only have one or two bathrooms in your home, adding a bathroom is a highly effective way of improving functionality and value.

The convenience and comfort that comes with having an en-suite facility appeals to many people, and this is one of the most common improvements made by homeowners these days.

There is value in adding a bathroom at home

A study by Direct Line Home Insurance, suggests adding a bathroom increases the value of your home by 5%. This is a figure which is in line with other studies on this topic. At the time, this improvement would have added £12,000 to the value of the average property.

There are regional variations to consider, and personal taste may influence the changes a homeowner makes, but with the average cost of installing a bathroom coming in at around £5,000; it makes good financial strength.

How many bathrooms should be added?

There is no need to have a one for one ratio between bedrooms and bathrooms, but there are some homes which will benefit from having an additional bathroom. If a property has four bedrooms, the house should have a minimum of two bathrooms. For buyers, too few bathrooms is a far bigger problem than too many bathrooms will ever be.

The Direct Line survey mentioned before indicates an en-suite addition can increase the value of the average property by 5.1%. Lounging in a bath is the height of luxury for many people, but for everyday use, the convenience that comes with a shower unit cannot be overstated. Therefore, adding an en-suite not only adds value, it is a change which fits with the pace of modern life, and this is what appeals to likely buyers.

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