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How Serious is My buyer?

As the internet has become the first port of call for most prospective buyers, estate agents can feel somewhat swamped with so-called buyers. The issue is not a lack of enquiries, but which of those enquiries will turn out to be serious.

Many websites (online call centre agents especially) are simply an invitation for buyers to register on line, yet all too often this results in huge numbers of poorly qualified “window shoppers” applying. Whilst this is a good service for the buyer who is “just browsing” it can be difficult to assess the seriousness of genuine buyers from their basic requirements alone.

This is where the skills of a good estate agent come in, and at Lock & Key part of our estate agent’s job is to identify the most able and motivated buyers. One of the ways good estate agents do this is to actually speak with these buyers rather than simply accepting a brief on-line “wish list” at face value. The agent can probe and listen, and respond accordingly, saving buyer and seller alike time that would otherwise be wasted on unsuitable viewings. How frustrating is it when all you hear back from your agent after the viewing is “It’s not for them” Really?

Only by fully understanding a buyer’s needs in context can an agent direct that buyer to the most suitable homes. For example, does a request for a garage mean that the buyer needs to park a valuable car, or do they just need good storage space? If the latter, then the agent will be able to offer that buyer a far wider range of suitable homes than those limited to a garage.

A deeper understanding of buyers also means that the agent can discover what has prompted the move, the likely timescale involved, and whether there are related-sale or finance issues to be addressed. A successful sale does not depend solely on the suitability of the property, but also on whether the buyer’s circumstances are compatible with those of the seller.

As a leading estate agency we are serious about our service, and we will expect our viewers to be serious about buying too!

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