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Market Comment 28th June 2018

So, the press says our housing market is struggling to gain any real traction amid challenging conditions and they suspect that any meaningful upturn will remain elusive over the coming months.  I can’t say I agree, in fact I don’t agree, and our sales figures return at Lock & Key again prove otherwise as our figures are up from last year.  Clearly Lock & Key are doing something else others are not, oh that’s it, we are selling houses.

What we do know, and I have mentioned this previously is that sellers are now becoming more realistic about the price their property is going to fetch, and crucially most sellers have jettisoned the unrealistic price expectations fostered by the unrealistic agents, who let’s be honest are not helping themselves or their clients and at last the homes being listed for sale are now much more sensibly priced.  Of course, you should only do this if you want to move.

Our agreed sales figures and new buyer inquiries are supported by strong sentiment and sellers who were previously sitting on the fence are now starting to act and adjusting their expectations in line with current market conditions in order to secure a sale.  As more continue to do so, we will see further stability return and the erratic price trends of the past begin to evaporate as we continue to work successfully through the summer of 2018.

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