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Melksham Property Market July

Hi Folks, so typically during the summer selling season there is a glut of homes coming to the market in our Melksham property market. However, this summer there has been roughly an 18 per cent fall in the number of homes for sale due to what I believe is the “protracted political hiatus.”

Domestic family markets here in Melksham where people have to move for schooling for example or for space and more bedrooms as their brood grows is all the norm but what has been evident is after a period of not selling they are cutting the price in order to shift their homes after initially being told their properties are worth more than they actually are in this current market.

This is not how to market property and achieve the very best price the market will hold, and it baffles me when I see stock falling like this because of over pricing and poor advice.

We live in the real world and as real estate agents at Lock & Key independent estate agents we are on hand to get the very best results for all our clients.

We know the current political climate means that the crucial ingredients of confidence have been impaired in some yes, and that is causing some potential buyers and sellers to hesitate. However, with record employment, low interest rates and good mortgage availability, buyers have a lot in their favour apart from the lack of political certainty.

Each month I will be sending you all a breakdown on transactions, and latest trends with a detailed focus on Melksham. As Melksham’s Top Selling Estate Agent – Lock and Key we want to keep you all up to date and informed.

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