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More than Pictures

As you look through the pages of most local property newspapers and magazines, all you generally see are pictures of properties. As you turn from page to page the only discernable difference between estate agents is their corporate colour scheme, which does not tell you a great deal about who they are, what they stand for, or what it would be like to work with them.

Additionally, most readers are not actually thinking of moving, although the majority of homeowners naturally have an ongoing interest in the local property market.

So, from today, we will be publishing weekly or monthly articles that look at property-related issues. Not just about flats and houses that are currently available for sale, although these will always feature prominently in our adverts, but opinion, commentary, and advice on the wider issues of property ownership.

After all, there is so much more to property than selling; we see our role as helping with the move as a whole. This includes not only being proactive in our marketing efforts but also helping our clients understand various regulatory aspects of a move as well as the psychology of the decision-making process from the buyer’s perspective.

We also like to ensure that anyone with an interest in property locally remains continually updated and informed about numerous aspects of the home ownership, including a contribution towards helping people enjoy their home after they have actually moved in.

So whilst many of our articles will offer advice on how to maximise your prospects of buying or selling quickly and with minimal stress, we will also consider other aspects of property, including topics such as home improvement, gardens, security, planning, etc.

We hope you find the articles we publish here over the coming weeks and months interesting, informative, and relevant. And, if there is a property-related topic you would like to see in print, please let us know and we’ll rise to the challenge.

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