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Shed Revival

The once-humble garden shed is currently enjoying a revival – but in unexpected ways. Higher property values mean that space inevitably continues to attract a premium, and imaginative householders are cashing in on this by maximising every square inch of space.

Property-related TV programmes have inspired people into considering what can be done with minimal space and the once male-dominated garden shed is no longer simply used for storing lawn mowers, tricycles, gardens chairs and creosote. Today’s sheds are as likely to be used by women as their sanctuary in a frantic world.

The quiet privacy of the garden shed now hosts meditation rooms, yoga studios, gyms, aromatherapy and other holistic treatment rooms, music areas, offices, and hot-tub spas.

Household spend in arts and craft materials has more than doubled in a decade which may account for the increase in the number of sheds also being used as painting, pottery and other craft studios.

Rising property values have also put pressure on people to earn more, and as increasing numbers of homeowners look for other ways of supplementing their income, the garden shed provides an instant venue for all kinds of entrepreneurial activity. JC Bamford (JCB), James Dyson (vacuum cleaners) and Trevor Bayliss (wind-up radios) all started their empires in their garden shed!

1.5million garden sheds were sold last year and they are now regarded as a must-have accessory. With costs in the hundreds rather than thousands, a shed is a very affordable alternative to an extension and planning permission and building regulation approval are seldom required!

So, when the time comes to think about selling – you might just like to venture into the garden and consider what can be done with your shed that could add as much as 5% to the value of your home! Why not invite us over for some ideas to enhance your sale?

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