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The thwack of tennis balls, the clink of a cup of tea and the slurp of a sucked strawberry are sounds that are synonymous with the perfect English summer – weather permitting of course.

It seems that everyone in this area enjoys the Wimbledon season as a sporting event as much as a lifestyle aspiration. As estate agents, we often accompany buyers around a property when the tennis is inevitably on TV as we arrive. The seller will usually offer to switch it off during the viewing, but we say “no – please leave it on.”

On many occasions the buyer, seller and estate agent have been fascinated by the tennis during a viewing, and while it might appear that this could be a distraction to the serious business of selling a property, the opposite can actually be true.

After all, a house is only a home when moments are shared, and where excitements and disappointments are experienced together. Sport is a great way of bringing strangers together, so what better way to introduce a buyer to a property?

So often there is an awkward silence between buyer and seller – or worse – the seller tries too hard to promote their property and the buyer responds by telling the seller what they want to hear. But break the ice with a bit of light tennis and friendships, and possibly a sale, can be made.

In most cases the demographic make-up of a buyer will reflect that of the seller when they themselves bought the property. There is therefore likely to be a natural synergy between the two, so why not encourage buyer and seller to meet in this way, facilitated by the skilled estate agent of Lock & Key who is trained to steer the conversation in the right direction of course!

Thinking of selling? Take advantage and call Lock & Key!

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