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In this market, proactivity is the key.

When you decide to sell, should the current state of the property market have any bearing on your choice of estate agent?
The answer is an emphatic yes!

The local property market has experienced tremendous growth over the longer term, but the balance of opportunity no longer rests with the seller.

This means that it is particularly important to select an agent who has experience in this type of market – one where buyers need to be handled with skill, patience and creativity. This is not the market for simply advertising a property online, putting a board up and expecting it to sell (actually – it never was if one was to achieve maximum price!).

This market demands a real understanding of a buyer’s needs and it is no longer good enough to rely on computers to match buyer to seller, although technology does of course play an important part.

In this market, proactivity is the key.

Buyers need much more personal attention than ever, so we give them the time they need to discuss their circumstances, needs and preferences in detail, often over a cup of coffee. We can assess their motivation and ability to proceed, thereby saving time and effort for all concerned, and their feedback following viewings is invaluable to our ongoing marketing efforts. Such attention also develops trust, so that buyers welcome our regular contact with them.

Whatever the market, our ultimate objective is to help you move, enjoyably!

We’re pretty good at this, more than ever now clients will be acutely aware and listen alertly the information we have and you will need us, to assess and put in place a logical strategy so moving you from A to B. If you are contemplating a sale, why not call us for a chat on 01225 707342 or book your valuation here online.

You might be pleasantly surprised.

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