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What Property Ladder?

During the boom years (as they call it), if you were minded moving house you simply got on and did so! Any delay in moving up in a rising market could prove expensive as the property you were buying would inevitably have appreciated more in cash terms that the one you were selling. Moving up the property ladder was all the rage as speculation, aspiration and wealth creation prompted a culture of expected property inflation, supported by “generous” lending by the banks.

Today of course, we have all matured and we see the market for what it is – not really a market at all. A “market” suggests investment, trading, risk and profits. However, fewer people currently buy purely from a speculative perspective hoping to profit from a move.

And yet even though it is tricky we have a solid market where those who are moving up are not doing so because they feel they should or because of greater equity appreciation, but because of a tangible need. The reliable old motivations such as a growing or shrinking family, job move, death, divorce, debt, lifestyle change etc are the key drivers of today. These are real people with real issues, both positive and negative, which drive their desire to move (plus buy-to-let investors seeking to take advantage of today’s high rental yields).

From our perspective as estate agents we find this environment to be healthy and productive and we enjoy using our skills to understand and anticipate people’s needs so we can help them move.

If you have a property need of any description, you’ll find that we’ll listen, understand and gently guide you towards the right decision for you, your family and your future. It’s what we do, and we love it!

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly team on 01225 707342 or book your valuation here. 

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