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Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent? (Part 1 of 4)

One thing an online agent can’t generally do is provide a local property valuation expert to assess your property and suggest the most appropriate asking price. Most live away from the area, with no actual working experience of it, and they rely on the internet to obtain the property valuation.  A big mistake!

Assuming you are nevertheless able to get the “right” asking price, selling online appears to be easier than ever before. These services usually claim to offer a low-cost way of accessing buyers, usually based on up-front fees irrespective of success, in what is essentially a way of facilitating a private sale.

Our advice is beware! These are not working and I am constantly picking up listings from frustrated sellers and these failed attempts despite the apparent easier access to buyers due to the internet. Whilst the internet may provide you with literally millions of potential buyers, don’t expect them all to want to view your property this weekend, let alone buy it!

The problem with relying on an automated buyer-sourcing facility is that it does not understand the nuances of property or the psychology behind a house move. For example, buyers looking for a three-bedroom semi-detached property up to a certain price in a certain area will probably be offered hundreds of options.

An online computer or call centre can not understand the “I’ll know it when I see it” aspect of buying a property. Nor does it have the empathy skills that allow a trained estate agent to interpret the real needs of a buyer – not just their preferences.

So for the right advice and a free current recommended market assessment, please do contact us on 01225 707342.  You might just get through to a real estate agent!

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