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Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent? (Part 2 of 4)

So, in my second article in this series, we will focus on the aspects of Compromise and Involvement – two factors that only a proper estate agent can deliver.

Compromise. Our experience shows that, more often than not, people will buy something markedly different to the property they initially envisaged buying. At Lock & Key we understand the psychology of buying and what is likely to steer a buyer towards your property – which might have appeared either unsuitable or out of reach financially without the agent’s involvement.

For example, nobody wants to live on a busy road and buyers will usually dismiss a property they see online if the locational map suggests that the house might be noisy or otherwise unpopular area. So how is it that properties in noisy locations are not all vacant? Because each of those buyers COMPROMISED. This is always the result of a proper estate agent steering the buyer towards their eventual home – which may well turn out to be an unexpected choice.

Involvement. We know our handle on the local housing market is critical. With it comes confidence, authority and security, a web-based pseudo-estate agency simply cannot provide sensitive reassurance and devise a new plan of action if a sale doesn’t go well. It cannot offer real-time, local advice in numerous aspects of your move. It cannot offer a personal knowledge of the market, an understanding of buyer psychology during an accompanied viewing. It is rarely involved in other transactions in a chain, or even know the full chain details and the timescales.

Online agents simply cannot offer a passionate involvement in the sales process, the enthusiasm required to stimulate buyers or the will to achieve the very highest price for a property.    At Lock & Key, well we can.

Til next time

Nigel Fitzgerald – Managing Director

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